Why Fire Protection?

Fire sprinklers are most effective during the fire’s initial flame growth stage. A properly selected sprinkler will detect the fire’s heat, initiate alarm and begin suppression within moments after flames appear.

In most instances sprinklers will control fire advancement within a few minutes of their activation.

This will in turn result in significantly less damage than otherwise would happen without sprinklers.

The benefits of using fire sprinkler systems include:

  • Immediate identification and control of a developing fire – Sprinkler systems respond at all times, including periods of low occupancy.

  • Immediate alert – In conjunction with the building fire alarm system, automatic sprinkler systems will notify occupants and emergency response personnel of the developing fire.

  • Reduced heat and smoke damage – Significantly less heat and smoke will be generated when the fire is extinguished at an early stage.

  • Enhanced life safety – Occupants will be subject to less danger when fire growth is checked.

  • Design flexibility – Fire and smoke barrier placement becomes less restrictive since early fire control minimizes demand on these systems.

  • Enhanced Security – A sprinkler controlled fire decreases demand on security forces, minimizing intrusion opportunities.

  • Decreased insurance expenditure – Sprinkler controlled fires are less damaging than fires in non-sprinklered buildings. This results in lower insurance reimbursements. Insurance underwriters will usually offer reduced premiums in sprinkler protected properties which can save a large amount of capital.

What it Really Means For You.

Fire protection is put into place so as to not put our heroes at the fire department in harms way. Like any other mechanical system, a fire system needs to be exercised regularly so that it will operate when needed. NFPA 25 is the standard in place that mandates the type and frequency of what needs to be exercised. For example, the control valves, tamper switches and flow switches are just a few items that need to be exercised. 

Most likely your fire sprinkler system will be integrated with a fire alarm system. Phoenix Fire will be at your request to schedule the NFPA 72 fire alarm testing at the same time so as to encompass all your maintenance needs at one time. This will stream line your process, inconvenience your locations only one time as well as stream-line your accounting department so they only receive one invoice. Phoenix fire also provides the following services:


Clean agent systems testing

Foam agent systems testing

Back flow prevention certification

Fire Extinguisher annual certification

Fire Sprinkler NFPA 25

Fire Alarm NFPA 72

Why Us?

Phoenix Fire Protection has over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of water based fire sprinkler systems and all types of overhead sprinkler protection design, fabrication and installation

The design of fire protection systems is a multi-step process beginning with an assessment of the environment to be protected. Factors both internal and external to the environment are considered. This information is used to establish performance objectives for the fire protection system being designed. 

Phoenix Fire Protection conducts detailed studies to determine the optimum approach to providing the correct system application that will cost-effectively meet the specific needs of our clients.

We begin with a site survey of the facility then provide the client with appropriate alternatives based on an assessment of the fire protection and life safety needs. We will often consult with the client’s insurance company and the local fire department for their input during the decision-making process. Once a decision is made on the specific type of system required, we then develop the appropriate engineering design.

The following are types of systems and services available:

  • UG fire service mains

  • UG fire loops (Fire Hydrants)

  • Wet Systems

  • Dry Systems

  • Glycol Systems (Antifreeze)

  • Cross Connection Certified (Backflow testing)

  • Stand pipes (Wet and Dry)

  • ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response)

  • Rack and Storage Systems

  • Pre-action Systems (Single and double interlock)

  • Deluge Systems

  • Fire pumps

  • Storage Tanks

Can you really wait?

The effects of fire on your business can be devastating. Over 75% of companies that experience a serious fire go out of business, either directly as a result of the fire or within 3 years of reopening. The damage that a fire can cause to a business cannot be overestimated. The visible signs of a burnt out building and ruined inventory are only half the story. There are also the consequential losses from business interruption, laying off employees and the customers who are forced to turn to alternative suppliers and never return. Insurance may help to soften the blow but most businesses do not recover.

Fire sprinkler systems are the most effective means of fire protection. It is essential that they are inspected so they remain in good working condition. Fire sprinkler systems may sit for several years without being called upon, but when a fire breaks out, they must work effectively.

Talk to us about your property.

We provide professional, quality service to all of our customers, no matter how big or small the project is. With testing and inspection services, preventive maintenance and 24/7 emergency response, our services cover every life and property protection system in your buildings, offices and homes.

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