Chemical Based Fire Suppression Systems


Phoenix Fire Protection offers a wide range of Dry Chemical and Clean Agent systems. Depending on the application Phoenix Fire can provide NOVAC 1230,  FM200 or Vortex nitrogen systems.

Suppression Systems


Novac 1230

3M™Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a highly-effective Clean Agent alternative to HFCs, halons, water-based suppression systems.

NOVAC 1230 systems are clean agent that is free from any residual residue and is completely non-conductive, therefore it is safe for all electronic equipment. Please see video above for more information. NOVAC 1230 is also totally environmentally inert and has no effect on the Ozone or atmosphere. In all reality this is just really cool stuff.


Vortex Nitrogen System

The Victaulic Vortex Fire Suppression System can effectively be applied in total flooding fire suppression applications in the following areas: Information technology equipment areas and Motor control centers (MCC).

Victaulic Vortex systems uses a combination of Nitrogen and very low water quantities to generate an inert fog that cools the room and lowers the oxygen percentage to below that which a fire can sustain itself, while still being safe to room occupants.  Victaulic Vortex systems are newer to the market and come in two different options. 1) pre-engineered and 2) custom designed systems. The pre-engineered system is very simple, cost effective and easy to install as long as the area of application fits the parameters. The leading factor is the cubic footage of the room being protected.  The Custom systems will need to be evaluated and designed specifically for the individual’s application that does not fit the pre-engineered requirements. Please contact Phoenix Fire to discuss the parameters required.



FM-200® is a clean, colorless, and environmentally friendly fire suppression agent that is electrically non-conductive and safe for humans. It extinguishes flames primarily through heat absorption, leaving no residue, thus minimizing downtime after a fire and making FM-200 suppression systems accepted and respected worldwide with over one hundred thousand installations in more than seventy countries.

FM 200 systems are very similar to the NOVAC 1230. They are slightly more economical; however, the FM 200 System does not have a zero environmental impact like the NOVAC 1230. The activation methods are identical between the two systems, the difference is the type of clean agent used.