Religious Projects


Eagle Christian Church.jpg

Eagle Christian Church

Eagle, ID

Phoenix installed the addition of approximately 40,000 sqft to the existing church building and retrofitted a large portion of the building that was currently unsprinklered. This project was unique in the fact that Phoenix was charged with making the retrofit as discrete as possible as all of the piping could not be concealed due to structural components. 


Meridian Temple

Meridian, ID


 A building that is designed to be in operation for 1000 years. The Meridian Temple is a beacon of light to it's surrounding environment. Expectations for high quality finishes are like no other buildings. 

Meridian Temple.jpg

Palisades Grainer Meetinghouse.jpg

Palisades Meeting House

Swan Valley, Idaho


This meeting house replaces the old meeting house that was lost to a fire. The fire protection system consists of a vertical turbine pump that is supplied by an 18,000 gallon tank as this building is not supported by local infrastructure. The interior sprinkler system consists of a wet pipe sprinkler system.