Water Based Fire Suppression Systems

Phoenix Fire installs water based fire protection services ranging from wet systems, dry systems pre-action and deluge systems. We specialize in all the aspects of the sprinkler system ranging from the hydraulic evaluation and design of these systems as well as provide fabrication and installation.


Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Wet pipe sprinkler system applications are most common, as they are installed in multiple types of occupancies ranging from Single Family Dwelling (Houses) to full scale buildings ranging from High rise buildings to industrial specialty applications. A wet pipe sprinkler system operates a single head independently. NOT ALL SPRINKLERS go off or discharge water. When you see that on Hollywood movies, turn the channel. 

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Dry pipe sprinkler systems are sprinkler systems that protect areas that are subject to freezing due to inclement weather or possibly installed in large freezers. Dry pipe sprinkler systems are charged with air pressure that will maintain positive pressure within the piping. Once the positive air pressure in the piping is released through an open sprinkler, the water is then released into the piping and to the sprinklers. 

Pre-Action and Deluge Systems

Pre-Action and Deluge systems operate in the same manner as each other. Pre-action and deluge sprinkler systems are activated through an electronic sensing system. Smoke or heat detectors are the most common. Pre-action systems are typically installed in conjunction with Data Rooms or computer rooms and are the secondary action of firefighting strategy after the clean agent system has released. Deluge sprinkler systems are used typically in outdoor applications that would create a water barrier between two occupancies. In the case of the deluge system all sprinklers operate at the same time.