Request an Inspection

Explaining the process for inspections: Phoenix Fire Protection is able to perform NFPA 25 inspections (which is the national standard) which includes Fire Sprinklers, Fire Pumps, and Fire Extinguishers. On top of that, are able to schedule other inspections required such as NFPA 72 Fire Alarms, Backflows (All Types), and Hoods. Choosing for us to schedule these services for customer’s means there is only one phone call and one invoice. Phoenix handles all of the schedule coordinating and billing. The subcontractors we use to perform each inspection are trusted not only for their fair prices but also their organization and quick responses should a repair be requested. *A customer is welcome to have us schedule these services with other subcontractors they already use as well.

There are no contracts when it comes to inspections. How the process works is that we will call the month before the inspection to schedule the inspection. If a customer would like to request an updated quote to compare with another company, all they have to do is ask. No customer is bound to use our services if they do not wish to.